Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Visa to Go to Croatia?

With an American passport, you do not need a visa to travel to Croatia. You will get a stamp on your passport once you get there—that stamp serves as your tourist visa and allows you to stay in the country for up to 3 months without any other paperwork. Also, make sure you have at least one blank page in your passport for an entry stamp when you land in Croatia.

What Do U.S. Citizens Need to Enter Croatia?

A valid passport is required for travel to Croatia. EU regulations require that U.S. passport holders have at least six-month’s validity remaining on their passport when traveling to the Schengen Area.

Is It Safe to Travel to Croatia?

Yes! Croatia is among the top 20 safest places to travel in the world. The risk of serious crime or natural disasters is super low. Of course, you will want to exercise caution wherever you are traveling—keep your belongings in sight all the time and watch out for pickpockets or scammers.

What Happens If I Get COVID on Holiday?

If you become unwell at an airport, bus or train station before or during a long trip, seek medical advice and do not start/continue your journey. If you test positive for COVID-19 abroad, you must follow local public health advice. You may need to quarantine or self-isolate and stay longer than planned.

Do I Need a COVID Test for Travelling?

Croatia does not require Covid testing, nor proof of a negative test to enter.

Do I Need Any Special Vaccines Before I Go?

Nope! If you live in the United States, you probably have all your necessary vaccines already. If you want to be sure, though, you can cruise through the recommended vaccines for Croatia.

What Is the Currency in Croatia?

As of January 1st, 2023, Croatia officially adopted the Euro (€) after being part of the European Union since 2013. The current exchange rate is $1 to €0,93 but check it out before your trip.
You should not have a problem exchanging currency once you get there, but just to be safe, you might want to change some ahead of time so that you are prepared as soon as you land. Exchange money only in banks and exchange offices.

Can I Use My Credit/Debit Card in Croatia?

Yes — in the cities this option is always available. If you are traveling to rural Croatia, you might have to pay for your meals or accommodation in cash. Because of this, we recommend always keeping some cash on hand just in case.

When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Croatia?

The peak season for Croatia travel in is mid-summer, between June and August. That is when you will get the best tropical weather and the chance to meet other travelers, but some of the most popular destinations will be more crowded.
If you are looking to avoid crowds, you might want to plan a trip in late spring or early fall—that way, you will still catch the balmy weather and most of the best bars, restaurants, and tours will still be open.

What Should I Pack?

If you are heading to Croatia in the summer, you should be prepared for balmy, tropical temperatures and the occasional rainstorm. Do not be afraid to dress casually on the coast — shorts, t-shirts, sundresses, etc. are standard. It would be a clever idea to pack a light jacket or two, especially if you are traveling inland.
Winter weather can get chilly, even on the coast. Travel in a warm coat and scarf if you are going in the winter months!

What Kind of Adapter Will I Need for My Electronics?

Croatia uses the standard European socket with round, two-pronged plugs. You can buy an adapter at most electronics stores, or even grab one in the airport on your way out.

Will I Need to Know Any Croatian to Get Around, or Do People Speak English?

Most of the people do speak at least a bit of English. In big cities like Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split, and Zadar, you should not have issues communicating.

What Travel Documents Do I Need to Enter Croatia?

American citizens traveling to Croatia only need a US passport valid for at least six months from the date of return, however, other countries may require a visa.

How Can I Get a Covid Test Before My Return Flight to the USA?

There are many COVID testing sites in cities throughout Croatia, however, there are no testing or vaccine requirements needed to enter the country according to the CDC. At Always Croatia, our staff will keep you up to date on any changes regarding vaccine or testing in Croatia.

Is the Situation in Ukraine Affecting Travel to and From Croatia in Any Way?

Croatia is located over 1,000 miles away from Kyiv, and there are multiple countries separating Croatia from Ukraine. Also, there are no direct or connecting flights into Croatia that require a stopover either in Russia or Ukraine, nor do they cross the airspace of those countries. All air traffic coming into Croatia is operating as normal.
As a member of both NATO and the European Union, Croatia has vehemently condemned the war. Life in Croatia has continued as usual, with the country welcoming all tourists with open arms to enjoy the beautiful sites and nature that make Croatia the fascinating country it is today.

How Does Always Croatia Support Its Travelers?

At Always Croatia, we pride ourselves in our ability to always take care of our travelers from the United States or Canada during their trip.
Our dedicated and professional team will start planning your trip from the United States or Canada, and we will take care of all the details to ensure you have an unforgettable time. Our team of professionals on the ground in Croatia are native Croatians with a passion for their country. They are committed to providing the most authentic and unique experiences for all our guests. We offer on-the-ground assistance in real-time so that you never have to feel alone or unassisted during your trip.