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Welcome to Always Croatia

When traveling, one of the most important things you’re looking for is a unique experience. When embarking on a trip with Always Croatia, we guarantee an all-inclusive tour of Croatia’s best destinations. We are a team of Croatian-Americans with a passion for our beautiful country and heritage, and we offer personalized services that can’t be found anywhere else.

Trips Tailor-Made For Your Needs

With thousands of years of history, Croatia is home to many different cultures, architecture styles, and ways of life. This makes it an extremely diverse destination with hidden gems across the country.

We have carefully crafted itineraries that are tailored towards your needs and desires for each trip. On top of that, we help you travel through Croatia with ease with our extensive knowledge of the country’s beautiful landscapes and historic cities.

Explore Croatia’s Rich History and Culture

By handling every part of your trip from start to finish, we ensure that you get a more in-depth understanding and appreciation of Croatian culture, food, and way of life. We even provide behind-the-scenes tours that feature some never-before-seen parts of Croatia, all while still ensuring that you get your share of beach time!

Our trips are designed to not only give you a chance to see the best places in Croatia but also provide unique and authentic experiences that you could never find on your own. With our personalized land tours, you’ll have a chance to see the real Croatia without all of the usual crowds or traffic that can sometimes be found elsewhere in Europe.

Rely On Our English-Speaking Local Guides

We’re a full-service tour operator, which means we take care of everything from the moment you arrive in Croatia until the moment you leave. Our English-speaking local guides, drivers, and staff will delight you with warm, Croatian hospitality. They have extensive knowledge of the best destinations, activities, and hidden gems that can be found in Croatia. They will ensure that all of your experiences are authentic and memorable! You have access to our concierge services any time, day or night.

We also offer seamless, private tours that allow you to have more flexibility and privacy with your trip while still getting in all of the activities you want on your Croatian vacation. Our customizable packages are perfect for couples celebrating their honeymoons or even individual travelers who prefer a private tour guide to lead them through their trip.

Come To Us For A Unique Croatia Experience

No matter which Croatia tour package you decide on, we’ll give you an unforgettable experience. No tour or activity is ever the same, with each group getting a tailored itinerary that perfectly fits their style of travel and what they are most interested in seeing during their trip to Croatia.

We are the best of the best when it comes to offering unique Croatian tours. We aim to immerse travelers in Croatian culture so when it’s time to go home, they will still feel like they have a piece of this beautiful country wherever they go.

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