Sail COVID-Safe Policy

The Current COVID-19 Situation in Croatia

Croatia is a family-friendly destination with luscious views of the sea, rivers, green forests, pastures, and many more gorgeous scenes to accommodate everyone’s tastes.

With numerous hotels, ships, and other private accommodations, Croatia has enacted exceptional measures for maintaining hygiene, cleanliness, and other COVID-19 safety protocols.

These measures, along with their advanced medical facilities, have placed Croatia at the forefront of protected and secured European countries. This has allowed them to open their borders since June 2020 without having to resort to lockdown measures.

We welcome travelers of all ages with a vaccination certificate, proof of quarantine and recovery, or a negative viral test. Similar to many countries, Croatia asks that travelers take a COVID test 72 hours before arriving or a rapid antigen test at least 48 hours before boarding the plane. If you have a vaccination certificate, it is generally valid for nine months after the completion of both tests.

Tourists must bring their test results of the vaccine certificate and prove that their accommodations have been paid for in advance.

Raising the Bar for Hygiene and Safety

The pandemic has necessitated changes in many different industries, especially when it comes to traveling. It is important that travelers ensure the health and safety of fellow travelers, airline staff, hotel staff, cruise ship members, and citizens of all countries.

Always Croatia uses coronavirus safety standards to protect every single person onboard our ships. We have outlined the safety and cleaning protocols that our staff follows to safeguard your well-being and security for the duration of your entire trip with us.