Welcome to Always Croatia. We are a team of Croatian-Americans with a passion for our beautiful country and rich heritage. We see Croatia from our unique bi-cultural lens and genuinely understand the needs and desires of experiential-driven travelers. Returning to Croatia year after year, continually looking for unknown gems, we discover the most authentic cultural experiences that make Croatia unique and include them in our clients’ trips. This is the difference between just a trip and the trip of a lifetime.

Croatia At Your Fingertips

We create unforgettable experiences thanks to the help of our hand-picked local professionals–they are outstanding. They share our passion for secret destinations, exceptional personalized service, and they want to show our clients the REAL Croatia. Our Croatia private tours on land give clients a behind-the-scenes look into Croatian culture, and our island-hopping small ship cruises offer the best way to experience Croatia’s stunning coastline and charming islands.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences

We’re a full-service boutique tour operator which means we take care of everything from the moment you arrive in Croatia until the moment you leave. You’ll have access to our concierge services any time, day or night. Our English speaking local guides, drivers and staff will delight you with warm, Croatian hospitality and will captivate you with stories of Croatia’s rich history.

Croatia is what we know, it’s what we love, it’s what we want to share. What makes Croatia special is our culture, our traditions, our food and wine and incredible sites. We invite you to come visit this spectacular destination and experience it through the eyes of Always Croatia.

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Dubrovnik to Split Luxury Cruise

Calendar Icon7 Nights

From: 1995 USD

Split to Dubrovnik Luxury Cruise

Calendar Icon7 Nights

From: 1995 USD

Round Trip Dubrovnik Luxury Wine Cruise – NEW!

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From: 1895 USD

Northern Dalmatia Luxury Cruise from Split

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From: 2150 USD

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Best Of The Dalmatian Coast

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From: $2549

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Croatian Delights

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Quintessential Croatia

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Dalmatian Enchantment

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